Dog Ear Infections: Natural Remedies that Work

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Ear infections could happen due to a multitude of reasons such as food allergies, fleas, mites or even bacteria. If you notice him whimpering, scratching his ears or head incessantly, or if you see a foul odour coming from his ears, your dog most likely has an infection.

Food allergies like wheat gluten sensitivity or an excess of sugar can cause an ear infection. Dogs being carnivores, completely lack the machinery, enzymes, and microbiota for plant material or a carbohydrate-rich diet, particularly wheat gluten protein. Luckily, we have gluten-free diets in Drools that focus on pet food.

Dogs show signs like excessive scratching, skin rashes, and itchy skin which further leads to an infection that starts in the ear flap. Subsequently, the ear canal will swell a little, turning red and heating up, as blood and immune debris rush to the area. This irritates the dog, resulting in a random head shaking. There is also a production of dark brown wax and odor as a further sign of the infection.

Other than food allergies, care should be taken to carefully trim all the hair growing in the ear canal. Hair growth generally acts as a barrier and a filter but excessive hair growth obstructs airflow into the ear, causing the canal to be dry and susceptible to infection.

Dogs ears are nice and warm and all that an infection needs is a little moistness, say from licked paws or simply a moment’s innocent wetting, and yeast or bacteria will bloom. If your pet develops a bacterial infection and is uncontrollable, then visit the vet to avoid any further implications to it.


How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Step 1: Give the ears a wipe with cotton swabs to remove dirt from inside the ear, giving better access to the ear canal

Step 2: The best ear cleaner for an ear infection is apple cider vinegar. Whip up a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and warm olive oil.  Use a cotton ball and soak half of it in the mixture. Place it in the ear and massage the ear over it, paying particular attention to the base of the ear (where the canal is). The cotton ball will absorb the excess solution and it will grab onto the debris. You can change the ball a few times.

Step 3: Use cotton swabs again to wipe the ear clean and dry. Wipe once, dump, repeat. Remember to keep changing the swabs each time and to use a new one for the other ear.

Step 4: A final wipe with a solution of choice is now recommended. If you suspect yeast then a final wipe of apple cider vinegar will dry out the area, sucking water from the yeast.

Applying a warm compress to the ear several times a day significantly reduces the swelling and the infection and thus the pain. A regular dose of Vitamin C to the dog will be beneficial as it ensures good aural health and prevents future ear infections.

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