About Drools

At Drools, Everything We Do Is Centred Around Providing Nutritional Solutions That Are Wholesome, Balanced And Just As Importantly, Delicious.

You see, it's because we recognise that your pet's health and well-being largely depends on the food they eat. Our team of veterinary nutritionists have spent years developing diets that cater to specific needs, after extensive research in absorption, taste and digestibility. While every batch is formulated in the USA, we pay careful attention in ensuring that our nutritionally dense and biologically appropriate products only carry the most authentic and clean, human grade ingredients without any fillers, by-products or antibiotics. Those that are sure to maintain your pet's health and longevity.

Our Vision


Our vision is to be recognised as a global leader in providing holistic nutritional needs and hygiene care for pets in order to help them enjoy long and healthy lives.

Our Mission


We aspire to be the country's leading home grown brand that's consistent in quality, availability and affordability. It all stems from a belief that pets, like human beings need access to core nutritional and hygiene needs that are vital to them living long, healthy and active lives. To that end, our philosophy is ably driven by a team of globally renowned nutritionists, veterinarians and food scientists who ensure that we deliver only the most natural, healthy and balanced solutions.

Real Ingredients make a real difference

Only The
Good Stuff

At Drools, we believe that selecting the best food is one of the most important decisions a pet parent makes. Every batch is formulated in the USA and we are focused on making the highest quality of pet food available.

The Mindful & Deliberate
Choice We Make

We only use quality ingredients responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers we know and trust. Our MEALS are 90-95% chicken, organ, bone, and our animal proteins have no added hormones or antibiotics.

100% Real Chicken

Digestible Protein

No Added Hormones Or Antibiotics

No By-Products

Real Chicken

What is real chicken, chicken meal & chicken by product meal?

As per AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) the definition of chicken, chicken meal and chicken by product meal is

Real Chicken

The clean combination of flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from the parts or whole carcasses of chicken or a combination there of, exclusive of feathers, heads, feet and entrails.

Chicken Meal

Ground chicken meal is a dry product made from clean chicken flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone derived from whole carcasses of chicken, this excludes feathers, heads, feet, and entrails. It's a finely ground ingredient.

Chicken By-Product Meal

consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered chickens, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines.


Featured as the country's leading cat food brands, Drools has the highest sales volume in the segment.

The brand holds the unique distinction of being the only vegan brand, cat food, prescription diet and ultra premium food that is made in India.

Featured as the brand with the highest number of celebrity endorsements in the country’s FMCG category.

Drools is the only brand
that offers single grain

Drools has recorded the highest number of units sold on Amazon.

The brand holds more than 38% of the market share in the country.

Exported to over 22 countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa, Drools is the largest exporter of pet food in India.

It is available across
30,000 leading pet and
retail stores in India.

Today, Drools boasts of the largest manufacturing facility in the country and the only brand to have two facilities.

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    Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5.30 pm

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    1800-270-3585 (Toll Free)

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    Drools Pet Food Private Limited ,436/2,
    IB Corporate House, Village Indamara,
    Post Pendri, Rajnandgaon,
    Chhattisgarh - 491441, India.

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