Wet Food

Chunks Gravy- Wet food

Wet food

Pure Ingredients, Remarkable Benefits

Real Chicken

High-quality protein source essential for muscle development, growth, and maintenance, easily digestible for most pets.


Provides high-quality protein, essential amino acids, and nutrients for muscle development and overall health.


Rich in vitamins, iron, and protein, supporting immune function and promoting healthy skin and coat.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins support immune function, vision, skin health, and energy metabolism, while minerals like calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron are crucial for bone health, muscle function, enzymes, and overall growth.

Our Promise

Our Promise

At Drools, our commitment goes beyond just serving tasty and balanced meals for your dogs. It's a holistic dedication to their overall health and happiness.

  • Thoughtfully Selected Ingredients: We meticulously choose 100% natural and real ingredients with no by-products or fillers that are beneficial for your dog's specific nutritional needs, ensuring every meal supports their health and vitality.
  • Enhanced Health: Our formulas are crafted to promote optimal health, incorporating ingredients that support overall digestive wellness, healthy skin & coat and strong bones.
  • Transparent Nutrition: We believe in transparency. That’s why we disclose every ingredient that goes into our dog food, ensuring you know exactly what your furry friend is eating and can trust the quality of every meal.

Wet Food For Dog

Wet Food For Dog

Nourish your pet with a meal that supports joint health, aids digestion with increased water content, and provides essential vitamins and minerals for strong bones and teeth. Real chicken, liver, and eggs keep them active, while natural ingredients promote healthy skin and coat.

Wet Food For Puppy

Wet Food For Puppy

Our pet food formula prioritizes your puppy's well-being in every bite. With a focus on better digestibility and overall health, our carefully selected ingredients promote healthy skin and coat, maintain joint health, and contribute to stronger bones and teeth. We believe in providing nothing but the best for your furry companion's vitality and happiness.